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students Ag Teachers' Resources
California Ag Teacher's Safety Guide A PDF book containing safety information for use in non-classroom environments. Includes general information about safety, forms, training outlines, and sample quizzes.
Using Google Custom Searches in the Classroom How to create Custom Google Searches for instructional use.
Creating SAE and FFA Activities Charts from the FFA Roster Instructions for creating activities wall charts using data from the online FFA Roster.
   FFA Roster Tools The spreadsheet for use with the above instructions.
Using Google Maps in the Classroom and for Program Management Google Maps can be customized for use in program management and instruction. 
Build Your Chapter Calendar Instructions Instructions on how to build a Word calendar from the online CalAgEd Calendar. 
   Sample Chapter Calendar A sample Word document for use with the above instructions.
Importing the CalAgEd Calendar to the Palm Desktop Instructions on how to import the CalAgEd calendar into the Palm Desktop (or other calendar application).
Lesson Plan Template An online tool to guide you in creating lesson plans.  The Lesson Plan Guide is also a valuable reference.
Simple Tools for Using GPS and GIS Using GPS and Google Maps to introduce GPS and GIS to students.  See activity sheet.
Using Google Sites for Chapter Web Sites Instructions on how to use Google Sites (free) to build and maintain a chapter web site.  See sample site at: http://sites.google.com/site/paradiseffa/


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