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Judges List

The following people have graciously donated there time and expertise to serves as judges for the contests listed below.  Their help is greatly appreciated.

  Judge Employer Position
Fruit Tree Judging 
  Jarred Myers     
Agricultural Mechanics 
  Billy Stevens  Retired   
  Chris Costa  Chico State   
  Chad Booth  Chico State   
  Carlos Diaz  Foothill HS   
  Mike Alvarez  CSU Chico   Reasons - plants 
  Lauren Stroud  Palo Cedro HS  Reasons - plants 
  Joseph Geraldes  CSU Chico  Reasons - cut flowers 
  Lucas Schultz  CSU Chico  Reasons - cut flower 
  Katie Stoffel  CSU Chico  construction judge 
  Kinsey McDonald  CSU Chico  construction judge 
  Krista  Chico Florist  construction judge 
Light Horse Judging 
  Kris Urlab  UC Davis Equestrian Team   
Ag Sales 
  Kishore Joseph  CSUC  Assistant Professor 
  Eric Houk  CSUC  Professor 
  Jacob Brimlow  CSUC  Associate Professor 
  Carrie Monlux  Butte College  Reasons (Trees) 
  Kelsey Escobar    Reasons (Shrubs) 
  Robert Landry  Butte College  Transplant 
  Jeremy Kenkle  Wilbur-Ellis Company  PCA 
  Joe Limberg  North Valley Ag Service  PCA 
  Kevin Renker  CSU Chico University Farm  Crops Technician 
  Nicholaus Claussen  CSU Chico College of Ag  Plant Science Senior 
  Dr. John Unruh  CSU-Chico  Dean, College of Agriculture 
Vet Science 
  Kasey DeAtley     
  Ciara Babcock     
  Spencer Downey     
  Kevin Kunkel     
  Patty Garcia     
  Sarah Butterfield     
Agricultural Welding 
  Jared Nobel  All Metals  General Manager 
  Claude Monoloux  Retired  Instructor 
  John Goodes  Retired  Instructor 
  Jan Goodes  Retired  Instructor 
Poultry Judging 
  Kayla Sadler     
  Elizabeth Hudson     
  Ryan Scagliotti     

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