Farm Power and Machinery

Advisor:  Justin Edson
Student Chair: Maddy David/Mitch Dodd
Registration Location: Butte College Machinery Shop
Contest Location:  Butte College
Contest Building/Room: Machinery Shop
Contest Starting Time: 8:00 am

Sub Contest Sections:

Troubleshooting, Safety Test, General Knowledge Test, Tractor & Tool ID

Changes to CATA Curricular Code:


Contest Notes:

Trouble shooting Tractors & Equipment (4 different machines) l. Sprayer 2. Dozer 3. John Deere 4. Moldboard Plow, grain drill Tractor Operation: 1. Bobcat (Manuevering) 2. Tractor with trailer (driving & backing) 3. Backhoe (Manuevering )

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